Terrakiro is the master of earth dragons and is the leader of Groundopokia.He also is a great cook.

Early YearsEdit

Terrakiro is an earth dragon who was born on 11/10/67.His parents ruled Groundopokia and were the masters of the earth element.He was born with all the power of earth magic,since his parents were the King and Queen of Groundopokia and the Earth element.Terrakiro teached other dragons and wizards earth and metal magic (his uncle taught him) when he was only 5.When 8,Terrakiro officialy started his rule when his parents got really sick.His parents survived,but they still decided he should rule,since they though he was a better ruler then they were.


Terrakiro now is married to an earth dragon named Dirtie and a kid named Rockid.Everyone says he is a great leader and a master of earth magic.Terrakiro has a great life and likes the new generation of people.


Terrakiro is the oldest dragon king.