Magicball is a sport that wizards and dragons play (not together) by using their magical element powers


Two players from each team get out on the field.Four balls are scattered on poles,and each player takes two.Then the players throw the two balls and the other player must catch them.Then,if they catch the two balls,they try to hit flags of the element opposite of yours two times by using elemental balls (ex.-If an earth dragon caught the two balls,he or she would try to hit air element flags).Dragons can only have one element in Magicball,so if it has two or more elements,it will become one of the elements they have,that most fits them (I'll tell you hybrid dragon Magicball elements at the bottom of the page).Each oppisite element flag will give you 4 points if you catch both elemental balls.If you catch one of the elemental balls,scoring with it will give you only 2 points.If you catch no elemental balls,you can't score so you get no points.Each round lasts 3 minutes,and the person with the most points wins the round.Whatever team wins 4 rounds first,wins the game.If their is a tie,the round will go over 3 minutes untill one team scores.You can also defend a flag by using an elemental power to stop the ball.Once you throw enough balls,you get a special move,which are different depending on your element.Once again,if you have more then one element,you get one of yours that fits the kind of dragon it is.The special move helps you hit a flag with a ball.

Losing PointsEdit

There are some things that a player can do to LOSE points.Here are all of the point losers-

You hit a crimson X flag.

You catch your own throwed ball.

You hit a flag of your own element (they occasionaly pop up).

You hit your teamates opposite flag (only applies to Free Team Choice,since professional teams all have the same element.

Professional Magicball Dragon TeamsEdit

Team Fire

Team Water

Team Earth

Team Air

Team Plant

Team Lightning

Team Cold

Team Metal

Hybrid Dragon Element in MagicballEdit

I mentioned that players can only have one element in Magicball,so here are all the Magicball elements for some of the hybrid dragons.

Fire-Magma,Blazing,Brass,Firefly,Forge,Blue Fire








  • Limited Edition Dragons and Hard to get Dragons (like Sun,Moon,and Rainbow) don't play Magicball.