Groundopokia is the continent of the earth element and has earth dragons (duh).This continent is also home to Magicball team, Team Earth.The leader of this continent is Terrakiro the Earth Dragon

Official Dragons settled in GroundopokiaEdit

Earth Dragons (Basic)

Mountain Dragons

Mud Dragons

Crystal Dragon

Quake Dragons

Iron Dragons

Famous Dragons in GroundopokiaEdit

Terrakiro-an earth dragon (basic) that owns Groundopokia and is the king,is the strongest dragon ever,and is a great cook.

Rockid-an earth dragon (basic) who is the son of Terrakiro and his wife,Dirtie.He is a jock,the prince of Groundopokia,and the future king of Groundopokia.

Mountiff-a mountain dragon who is the best craftsman in the world.

Ickerla-a really dirty mud dragon,also an apprentice crafter learning from Mountiff.

Mucklide-a mud dragon who make pie (usually mud pie) to satisfy dragons, and owns the most famous pie company in Groundopokia.

Diamonosa-a crystal dragon who is the richest dragon in Groundopokia.

Shakerin-a quake dragon who is the assistaint of Mountiff.

Quakerffi-a quake dragon who is the wisest dragon in the world.

Hardilla-an iron dragon who is a helper of anyone who needs help.

Iroxid-an iron dragon who is a master at mining and always collects rare gems.

Islands that Make Up GroundopokiaEdit

Dirt Town



Gem Gorge

Rock Ruins

Iron Isle

Unofficial Dragon Sightings in GroundopokiaEdit

Moss Dragons

Metal Dragons (Hey, metal element is earth element's cousion)